Friday, March 20, 2009

Star of the show (but not snoozin!)

Meet Annabelle. She is one of the (awake) snoozin' pooches in all her cuteness! She just came from the groomer, hence the pink bows. I'd LOVE to have her look like this all the time, but the headlocks we have to put her in to get the bows in just aren't worth it sometimes!!


  1. This was when we were at the lake :] we got those from Wal Mart silly.

  2. Oh yeah, definite head-locking going on to get those in!!!! Preciousness at its best.

  3. Hi Beth! Great to hear from another Librarian. We love dogs, too. I visited St. Louis a few years ago and climbed the Arch. Fond memories! ~Monica

  4. I love this photo..........what else could her name be but Annabelle

    Diane Scott


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