Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New finch eatery

Busy weekend around here - we first dug up the dead tree in the front yard (by "we", I mean my husband), then we (again, not me) planted a small new one (a Bradford Pear tree I think) and planted some small bushes. By doing that, we had to take down the finch feeder thus throwing the mother of the eggs (on my porch) into a turmoil as to how she'd be able to adequately feed not only herself, but regurgitate enough for 5 children if there was no food source close by. Alas, the tree on the side of our house became the new home to the feeder and now everyone is happy. I like the way the yellow finch conveniently posed with my neighbor's spring flowers in the background. I don't think he's part of the family, but he's more than welcome to visit and partake in all the pre-baby-finch excitement. By the way, the bushes look smaller in the second picture because they still hadn't been planted in the first picture. That threw me off for a second before I figured it out.


  1. wow, "you" have been busy!! maybe the yellow finch is the baby daddy, so he's keeping an eye on things. the baby mommy probably called him to say you were taking down the tree, and she needed him to come and find more know, how all the baby daddy's do. keep me informed!

  2. Spring is back. Yay!! That is a lovely picture, it does look as if the finch knew those flowers make an excellent background for posing.

  3. That is funny... I often say "we" referring to my husband. But yet, I will say "I" when it is something I do myself.


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