Saturday, July 11, 2009

We love you, dad!

Yes, there's a human in there. When the kids were little, they couldn't wait until daddy got home, then they'd run to greet him. Nowadays, it's the pups. What a welcome!! Of course I still love it when he gets home, but I don't jump on his lap and lick his face. I mean really - some of us have to be mature!!


  1. That is so cute. :D Let me dig...

    Be right back...

    OK, found it.

  2. @ Coveredwithjoy - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!! You'll be so glad you have that picture someday. The little baby feet in front of the oldest one - I don't think it gets any cuter. Don't worry though, when they're bigger, you'll just have to get a couple pups. HA HA I am so glad you shared that with me ~

  3. OMG, where is daddy? soooo cute.
    mom Russo

  4. That's just to darn cute! Really!


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