Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Celebration of feet!

In honor of my daughter's foot surgeries (6 so far, 1 to go) we are celebrating tootsies here at Snoozin Pooches. What better way to get this going, than with precious bunny toes? His paws are so little and furry, you can tell they haven't had to dodge any cars yet. Or bikes. Or dogs. Or...


  1. Now aren't those feet the cutest you have ever seen!
    Are you raising a bunny?

  2. what a tiny bunny!

  3. Well, we're not raising a bunny (although my one dog wishes!) but they're certainly everywhere all around our house and neighborhood. Holy cow, they take over in the summer and then trade with the squirrels towards the end when fall gets here.

  4. Yup, bunnies are sweet when they are little. We have a big fat one running around now. I wonder if there will be babies?? We also have the neighbourhood coyotes that keep the population down.

  5. Are you holding that sweet! I hope your daughter is doing well that is a lot of surgeries but I know in the long run she will be satisfied!

    ryc:Alyssa is my granddaughter she is graduating from 5th to 6th grade. It was a sweet ceremony.

    Yes, hubby is very handy good thing he is a pipefitter by trade!

    Have a blessed weekend....~Linda~

  6. Awwww....soooooo cute! Thanks for stopping by to see my pool side gardening. Hope to see your back yard garden soon!


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