Friday, May 1, 2009

Unscheduled play date

I ALMOST love deer as much as I love dogs, except for the whole lyme disease thing and someday, somehow, I'm going to live where I can have deer roam freely around my property. Right now my property is a backyard in a subdivision and of course no deer. This video shows what my new backyard will be like when/if we ever move and the fun my dog(s) will have with their new wildlife friends!! The dog even LOOKS like my pup, except the dog in the video has a funny bark, almost like a quack/bark. I got this video in an e-mail so I don't know whose yard this actually is, but now you all can see what I dream about at night....ENJOY!!


  1. MOM! I love it! That is what Frosty would do! :]

  2. What a cool Video. Someday, I promise

  3. wouldn't you just about mess yourself if that was you taking this video, and that bambi came running at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait until you get your house in the country so i can be your maid!

  4. Awe thats my yard too! I had about 9 deer this year but not as friendly as that they were scared to come out in the day time.

    ryc:The comment about my Xanga was meant because I use to get over 25 comments a day...those days are long gone and in fact now I leave my post up longer and accumalate quite a few over a weeks time...lols. I do have other blog sites but I still love Xanga....I appreciate you...(smile). Why do you not blog on Xanga?



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